Nike Swimsuits Review

A piece of Nike swimsuits is not just sleek, but it also has other benefits that can literally swoosh other swimsuits away. With the fine materials that they are made of, sun protection is definitely no problem. So for the swimmers out there who want the best out of their sports, here’s a run of some of the stylish and protective swimsuits that Nike has to offer.

To begin with, majority of Nike swimsuits have a UPF of 50+. This means that when one is wearing a swimwear with such a UPF rating, around 99% of the sun’s damaging UV rays are repelled from reaching into your skin.

Thus, sunburns and other sun injuries can be minimized, if not totally eliminated. Going for a dip with Nike swimsuits and a bottle of sunscreen then would not bring about problems related to the sun’s harmful rays that can give you premature skin aging and skin cancers.

The swimsuits manufactured by Nike are made with spandex or lycra and a high percentage of polyester, which is known to have a good performance in blocking the sun’s rays from making contact with the skin.

Since UV clothing is now a must with most sports, including swimming, to get the ultimate protection, it is only apt that one of the leading manufacturers of sports apparel to provide UV protection to its customers.

A wide selection of UV swimwear is available at Nike stores. Whatever style of swimwear you are looking for, Nike has it with that distinguishable swoosh mark that can also indicate a checkmark for sun defense.

Tights or Hydras?

The various tights of Nike are best for swimmers to lap themselves to victory. Not only are they sun-resistant, they are also water-resistant to prevent water from collecting and from entering, thus providing a range of motions. Air is also restricted from flowing in with the zoned tension technology.

The innovative Hydras are streamlined according to the contour of the body for a better flow of water, which only means faster swimming. The seams are also controlled away from key spots of movement to avoid water collection.

With a back zipper, they also have the same characteristics of tights, only better due to more skin coverage that can better keep the UV rays off your skin.

Shorts, Trunks, Halters, or Tankinis?

If you are out there for a simple swim without having to beat a time record, Nike swimsuits are available for you. An array of these is made with DOW XLA fiber, which is a lightweight and stretchable fabric scientifically proven to resist chlorinated water.

Not only can you swim for hour and hours, you can feel free to lie under the sun thanks to DOW XLA’s resistance to UV rays, equaling the powers of a sunscreen lotion.

In addition to that, these Nike products provide comfort with excellent fit and shape maintenance. They also dry quickly, making them very breathable for that light feeling when you are out of the water. They come in a variety of styles and colors, so staying fashionable yet protected is just a breeze.

Workout Clothes You’ll Adore!

Sometimes the right fitness clothes can serve as a motivation or incentive. It is essential that workout apparel is not only stylish, but also comfortable and appropriate for specific activity.

Most important factors to look for in

fitness clothes:

  • Comfort

Fabric should be soft, yet durable. It should not cause chaffing or irritate skin during your workout.Great fitting clothes allow for a full range of motion during exercise and can provide a very comfortable fit without being uncomfortably tight.

  • Moisture Wicking

These type of materials help to maintain your body temperature in warm or cold weather climates. It helps to keep you dry by wicking moisture away from your body. It also aids in keeping you cool by stabilizing your body temperature. This is a fitness garment essential, especially for intense cardio activities.

  • Layerable

It’s nice to have a versatile fitness wardrobe. It’s great to have the luxury of mixing and matching your pieces. After all, who has time to be fussy when you’re on a mission to get to the gym? Being able to layer clothes is a tremendous advantage. It’s nice to have the option to take pieces off and put them back on based on your workout needs and activities. Functionality and versatility is a “must.””

  • Technologically Savvy

New lines are incorporating textile components that aid in combating odor, and providing ultra-violet protection. Compression garments can also be beneficial because they help to prevent muscle strain and fatigue. Reflective clothing is also increasingly in demand. Fitness gurus that engage in outdoor sports appreciate clothes that enhance visibility as well as promote safety and comfort.

  • Eco- Friendly

There’s a large population that take pride in making sustainable choices. It is important for them to find fitness clothes that are made of eco- friendly materials. More people are becoming environmentally conscious and that translates into all aspects of their daily lives including their workout regimes.

So how do you choose with so many fitness brands out there? It was very difficult, but we narrowed down our top pics below. These collections were selected based on multi-functioning aspects. They are reported by consumers to provide style, comfort, great fit and functionality.

Our Top Fitness Clothing Picks (not listed in any specific order)

  • Stella McCartney
  • Sweaty Betty
  • Nike
  • Lucy
  • North Face
  • Splits 59
  • Under Armour
  • Zobha
  • Nux
  • Splits 59
  • Zella (Nordstrom’s Exclusive Collection)
  • Puma
  • Theory 38
  • Helly Hansen

Reasons For Choosing Nike Dunks

Males have always had the freedom of wearing sneakers and sport shoes as per their choice and liking. Women have had a lesser privilege, since women rarely wear sports shoes. Nike Dunks have introduced sport shoes which look good on women as well. Women are getting more and more interested and attracted to sports. The high quality and durable sneakers can be sported by both men as well as women. There are new introductions to the shoes and sneakers year after year, thanks to the popularity and demand for Nike Dunks.

Some of the reasons for the popularity of these sneakers are:

Comfort, ease and toughness

Nike Dunks is synonymous with basketball and players have been pretty comfortable wearing them. Teenagers interested in skateboard have tried wearing Nike Dunks and are in love with these shoes, thanks to the ease and comfort it lends. This popularity has encouraged Nike to introduce newer styles and designs, so that their regular base of clients and customers are happy. Sports lovers and sports professionals would not like to change the brand even if they have to pay something extra. What we need to understand is that we are paying for the quality, durability and comfort. The security provided by Nike Dunks is matchless.

Variety in designs and styles

Sports lovers dominated this industry previously, but of late with the introduction of new stylish patterns and designs, these shoes are crazily in demand by other people as well. Many women and college going kids love to wear these shoes since the shoes are very comfortable. Devoted customers of Nike keep a check on the latest styles which Nike introduces and are ready to buy them, even though it means spending extra.
The recession has not affected Nike Dunks. Nike being a global name, is available everywhere. There are many authorized outlets where you could buy them. Check out online stores which offer discounts and you could strike a really good deal.

Sporty as well as high utility value

Nike Dunk is well appreciated by their clients because of its sporty look as well as high utility function. These shoes can be used daily since they are rough and tough and go well with different outfits. They would suit perfectly be it a sports event or any casual event. Nike Dunks has taken special care to design the shoes so that their regular clientele and new customers are happy with the end product.

Looking Stylish While Working Out In The Gym

It is time that you update your work out clothing. If you look at celebrities like Ashley Greene, Beyonce, Nicole Richie and Reese Witherspoon, you can tell that they work out on a regular basis, but if they break a sweat, you can bet it will be done in style.

What is the secret?
Well, most celebrities will combine different pieces such as slim leggings and zipped hoodie with lots of color. The sneakers could be in a neon or yellow color, but in any event, your celebrity favorite will never be caught dead looking as if she just went through a rigorous workout. You will find each female celebrity boasting a polished; almost perfect look for her pilates or yoga class. You can too!

Shopping for gym outfits
When shopping for outfits for your work out attire, it is best to emulate your celebrity favorites. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to do so, though. You can shop for certain brands in stores like Victoria Secret, The Gap, Reebok, Forever 21, Nike, American Apparel, New Balance and Jack Wills; just to name a few. Some of these outfits could be worn all day and no one would know it is specifically made for the gym.

Most people will opt for black leggings or black capri. You can’t go wrong with these because they are universal and can be combined with any top. Neon and pink combination works well for those who want a trendier style. Believe it or not animal print is one of the new trends for gym outfits. A black top and black bottom with pink sneakers will get heads turning in the gym.

Making the right choice
Choose fabric that is 100% cotton because it absorbs sweat better than other fabrics. For yoga, you will need loose clothing so a drawstring pair of pants is not unreasonable. Do you opt for a racer back top, t-shirt or pin strap top? It depends on the bra support that you have and your personal preference. Lycra blends tend to provide more flexibility and comfort when working out and you can find many trendy pieces.

Select a good jogging or running shoes for your workout. This is important for back support. There are so many options to choose from. While you want to be stylish and trendy, comfort is the most important of all. You can have both, though – trend and comfort.

Get ideas for stylish gym clothing from people at your gym, but from celebrities who know the most current fashion trends in fitness. Learn as much as you can about the latest fashion trends. What do you usually wear to the gym? How are other women dressed at your gym? Do you care about workout gear or is it just overrated? What do you think about women who want to look stylish even though they are working out? What about women in their forties and fifties – do you think they should dress stylish for the gym? Your opinion counts so let’s hear from you.

Stylish New Balance Designs

New Balance is a true American success story. Founded in 1906 by an English immigrant, William Riley, the company made specialty shoes and arch supports for a small but loyal group of customers. With just six full-time employees, New Balance rarely turned a profit for the first five decades of its existence. It was not until 1960 that the company reported significant sales increases. Not surprisingly, that was the year they released their very first athletic shoe.

It was called the “Trackster,” and it was made with the needs of their customers in mind. Many of them had asked New Balance to design a new type of running shoe for people with foot problems. Since tight shoes always aggravate bad feet, New Balance decided to offer their shoes in different width sizes. They were the first shoemaker to do so.

The Trackster gained a loyal following, but it did not make the company rich. It was not until 1975 that New Balance became a household name. With a new chairman at the helm, Jim Davis, the company invested heavily in their new athletic line, especially shoes for runners. Finally, one of them wore a pair on the national stage.

Tom Fleming won the Boston Marathon in a pair of New Balance 320s. Suddenly, everyone was asking about the tiny company from Massachusetts. And it wasn’t just the professionals. At the time, running was one of the fastest growing recreational sports in the nation. What some referred to as a fad would soon become the most profitable sector of the athletic shoe market.

But New Balance has never been one to toot its own horn. In fact, the company has remained faithful to its “Endorsed By No One” theme. Even after sales rocketed to $60 million in 1982, Jim Davis was reluctant to break with tradition. After all, the appeal of the company had always been its products, not its slogans.

With annual sales of over 1.5 billion and more than four thousand full-time employees, it seems to have worked. New Balance is now the fourth largest athletic shoemaker in the nation and the fifth largest in the world. What sets them apart?

In addition to their disdain for marketing, New Balance is also made in America. As labor and material costs increased in the 1980s, all of the top American shoemakers started shipping operations overseas. Nike, Reebok and Adidas (the top three) have most of their shoes made in Asia. But New Balance has refused to separate management and production. Jim Davis has always maintained that the product quality would suffer if the shoes were not made at home.

Though their labor costs are invariably a bit higher, with the money they save in advertising, New Balance shoes are competitively priced. In fact, they are far cheaper than shoes from the market leaders, Nike and Reebok, who pay hundreds of millions of dollars for ads each year.


New Balance has never been known for its stylish shoes. Their designs are often quite simple and understated. However, in recent years, the company has developed a few models that are a bit flashier than their predecessors. Let us take a moment to review their most stylish shoes.


Easily the company’s most famous and stylistically adventurous shoes, the 574 line has been around for decades. Designed as a running shoe, there are dozens of unique models in the line. Most of them are made with pricier materials, like leather and suede. The shoe is famous for its durability and comfortable padded interior.

What makes them stylish? As we mentioned, there are many different models, but the shoes have an obvious retro appeal. They feature sporty lines and mesh panels that help the shoe breath. In addition to being comfortable and rugged, suede is also an attractive material. Most of the shoes we reviewed offered classic color combinations, like black, silver and white. None of them had too much going on or seemed overly decorative. Adult sizes range from 4 to 20. There is even a model for the kids.


Some purists might accuse the company of going soft if they encountered the New Balance 950 Walking Shoe. Available in all white or all black, the 950 is one of the few New Balance models that does not feature the big “N” patch near the ankle. Rather, it has a much smaller “N” embossed on the heel.

While it is technically an athletic shoe, the 950 looks an awful lot like a casual dress shoe. It is made of full-grain leather with pigskin lining and superior cushioning. The molded multi-density insert is comprised of a patented combination of polyurethane and memory foam. Because of the premium materials and increased assembly time, the 950 is one of the company’s most expensive shoes.

Nike Footwear For Comfort

Desire for shoes with comfort and latest fashion? Think of Nike shoes which is possibly the best in the world of foot wear. The whole body weight is taken by our feet, so our feet deserve to have footwear which gives us immense comfort and satisfaction to wear. There are a series of new stylish shoes in the market. Nike shoes are a combination of glamour and comfort. Nike brand of basketball shoes became very popular with Michel Jordon name. A low profile was given to the sole so that it remains light and weight and stays very much close to the ground.

A maximum number of shoe lovers want shoes which are comfortable and have attractive look, so manufacturers of Nike has given importance to style and comfort. The technology used in making the shoes is very innovative and the colors are very much vibrant. Even shoes for women by Nike have fame as well.

The shoes are very classy and stylish and are available in 65 different color combination’s. It is available around the world at some well known stores. Consumers feel the product to be very much reasonable and satisfied with the product quality maintained. So if in future you are buying shoes for some sports activity and also looking for comfort and style, go for Nike shoes.

Different Footwear Company makes shoes for different class of people. Nike manufactured shoes keeping in mind the sportsperson and now every sports personality name is associated with this brand of shoes. It is very popular among them and its demand has increased tremendously.

You may wonder why Nike shoes are quite apart from others, how it stand the competition of the competitors.The reasons are many why today it is so popular among others and is acceptable worldwide as a number one product. Among the others sportswear competitors Nike has achieved a Niche in the market and has been able to retain its popularity in the market. The reasons why Nike has been able to achieve this are for its- quality, fashion technology used.

At times there are volatile market conditions which affects the business in regard to purchase of raw materials, labor related problems, internal management problems, but the management was very sure of one thing, that quality will never be compromised at any cost, however thing s may change, It was always kept in mind that consumer was buying it for it is giving the desired comfort and they are paying a price or tit. The quality of shoes to be maintained always came first. Just imagine why this quality is being maintained, because without a comfortable pair of shoes you cannot go somewhere and be someone.

Nike has been working relentlessly over the years. To establish themselves as sports footwear number one with up-to-date style changing with times and when required. I am sure that no one can resist the temptation of fashion. Nike never rested on his achievement but on the other hand worked hard on to move forward with quality output footwear. It is not that it caters to only the young people, but it also tries to meet the demands of child and other segments of the market.

This is a century of hi-tech and the technology used by Nike is of the latest one in producing the footwear. It every time works on putting new technology into work so that the color, design, look, everything even the lace are designed to have an w\extra image in the minds of the people using it.

The History of the Logo

I wrote a previous article simply titled The Anatomy of a Logo, I am writing this article as part two of the previous article. The Anatomy of a Logo content dealt with the more historical chain of events, but with this article I’m going to take a different approach. The History of the Logo will provide informative tidbits, such as the inspiration behind some of the more vintage Logos in history I hope you enjoy. Different and often weird situations have inspired and led to creation of the world’s most famous logos. One thing these famous logos have in common is that they strive to be different and distinct. There have been changes to these logos but most of them have been evolutionary in nature than sudden. The logos that have changed over the years show a trend towards being simplistic and ‘leaner’ than their earlier versions – possibly a change to reflect changing (and faster) lifestyles. For example, the Michelin man – the logo (cum mascot) of the French tire company Michelin develops an amiable feeling towards the company with the use of a human character.

Did you know Nike’s swoosh was done by accounting class teacher cum freelancer at Nike called Caroline for only $35! At the turn of the century, 3M was more concerned about its survival than it was about a logo. The young abrasives company was comfortable in its descriptor…”Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing Company.” The first logo was churned out in 1906 with the current logo designed as recently in 1978. The blue and white parts of a circle are present in the BMW’s logo that we see on its automobiles. The origin of this dates back to the 1st world war when, the fighter planes had their propellers painted by the company in blue and white so that the pilots could see through them. This inspired the design that we see on BMW’s cars. Named after the founder Adolf (Adi) Dasler, the Adidas logo has a triangle cut into three pieces. The three pieces reportedly represent his three sons!

The, now well-known, American company Apple was the first computer firm not to use its name as its corporate identity. The idea of selling a computer under the name and image of a fruit was conceived by Californian Steve Jobs and his colleagues (even the word “Macintosh” is the name of an apple variety). The motif of a multicolored apple with a bite taken out of it is a reference to the Bible story of Adam and Eve, in which the apple represents the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge. AT&T use of the globe symbol symbolizes a world circled by electronic communications. Specifically, the symbol is made up of very carefully delineated “highlight” and “shadow” elements. As a result, the symbol may be reproduced to give the impression of a three-dimensional sphere illuminated from a distant source.The Coca-Cola script was designed by an amateur, Frank Robinson, the fledgling company’s bookkeeper. He devised both the Spencerian script and the brilliantly concise words beneath: “Delicious and Refreshing.”

The bottle is among the most recognizable icons in the world, a design that has come to symbolize the youthful exuberance of America. Countless variations have been released over the decades, but the enduring classic is the curved vessel designed by the Root Glass Company of Terre Haute, Indiana, and introduced in 1915. A Coca-Cola dispenser was later designed by Raymond Loewy. The McDonald’s Golden Arches logo was introduced in 1962. It was created by Jim Schindler to resemble new arch shaped signs on the sides of the restaurants. He merged the two golden arches together to form the famous ‘M’ now recognized throughout the world. Schindler’s work was a development of the stylized ‘v’ logo sketched by Fred Turner, which was conceived as a more stylish corporate symbol than the Speedee chef character that had previously been used. The McDonald’s name was added to the logo in 1968. The visual simplicity of the Sony logo is pivotal to its design. Easy to understand and pronounce, the name is readable in any language and immediately recognizable. The name derives from the Latin sonus, meaning ‘sound’. The design of the logo has been modified only minimally since 1957, when the strokes of the letters were lighter and the word itself more expanded. The version shown here is from 1973; it has remained the same since then.